Easy weight reduction with formoline L112

Calories disappear but the pleasure remains with formoline L112: the smart choice for easy weight reduction and keeping a healthy weight.


The unique L112 active fibre, derived from natural sources, binds most of the dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract so that these calories cannot be absorbed by the body.


Formoline L112 is the Germany’s best known slimming product. The performance and tolerability of formoline L112 are scientifically proven and supported by long-term and numerous usage.


formoline L112 is a lipid adsorbent to 

  • Help treat excess weight
  • Support long- term weight control
  • Lower cholesterol intake from diet

Using formoline L112 is easy

For weight reduction, take 2 formoline L112 tablets twice a day with the two meals that have the highest fat content.


For weight management, take 1 formoline L112 tablet twice a day with the two meals that have the highest fat content.


It is best to take the tablets whole with at least 250 ml of water towards the end of the meal. formoline L112 tablets are easily tolerated and suitable for long-term use.


This information does not include all of the Instructions for Use (PIL/leaflet).

Please read the leaflet carefully. You can download it here.

How does formoline L112 work?

formoline L112 works in a simple way: L112, a unique active fibre derived from natural sources, binds a significant amount of the dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents them from being absorbed and stored by the body. On a daily basis, you can cut down on calories, lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

The formoline success strategy

Keeping healthy and maintaining your weight is a realistic goal with the formoline’s smart strategy of a balanced diet and reduced calorie intake. The yo-yo effect will be a thing of the past.


Weight reduction without compromising taste

The highly effective formoline L112 range helps you to lose weight without completely giving-up fat as a taste enhancer. For optimal weight loss, we recommend that you scale down your daily fat intake to no more than 60-80 g and pay particular attention to the quality of the fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, etc., that you consume.


Small goals – big results

Set small goals because fast weight reduction strains the body and is less healthy. It is important that you feel healthy! Regular physical activity is important as it supports weight loss and ensures long-term success.


If you are planning drastic changes to your diet or significant weight loss, you should consult your doctor in advance.


Establish a balanced diet gradually and take formoline L112 with the two meals that have the highest fat content. This way, you can cut your calorie intake on a daily basis.


Maintain your desired weight

Even after you have reached your goal, you should continue to monitor your calorie intake and physical activity levels. This way, you will be able to maintain your healthy target weight. You can also use formoline L112 to actively support you in this, as it is suitable for long-term use.

Weniger Kalorien durch formoline L112, eine bewusste Ernährung und etwas Bewegung sind die Säulen der formoline Erfolgs-Strategie.

Body Mass Analysis

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Frequently asked questions

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